Learning Task – Coursework Example

Learning Task Link For Music www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU85Kd-7bjM Above is a link to a nursery rhymethat most individuals remember from early days of school and individuals remember it so well that if initial lines of this rhyme are vocalized then individuals will be able to remember the entire rhyme. There are several reasons due to which such rhymes and other music is introduced to students at an early age. One of the main reason due to which music is used in educational settings is that it help in teaching as well as learning. Music is a tool that educationist use in order to help children and students develop certain skills that are very essential for the students to learn and for the teachers to teach. One of the skills that music helps in developing is the learning skills (Hahn25). When children are exposed to music at an early age they are able to differentiate between different pitches of words and well as different words that are being verbalized. For example, children at an early age are exposed to nursery rhymes and this exposure is quite continuous in nature. The purpose of doing this is to help children develop listening skills and due to this children are able to recognize the entire rhyme as soon as they hear the initials of the rhyme. Other than listening skills, music even helps in development of the ability to memorize which is important for students to store and retrieve information that is being provided in schools. The ability to memorize things and words is enhanced with the use of nursery rhymes (Hahn25). During nursery years children are required to continuously sing the rhymes which make them able enough to predict the forthcoming part of the rhyme even before it is sung together as a group.
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