Literature – Coursework Example

Dona Paula Task Dona Paula tries to save a marriage of Venancinha, who is her dearest niece, from breaking; hence, she becomes apeacemaker. She finds out the problem existing between her niece and her husband, Conrad, when she paid a visit to their house. Venancinha is found depressed, and in a low mood, and her aunt’s sudden visit surprises her. She listens carefully when being updated on the cause of the misunderstanding that existed in the family. Dona Paula shows her kindness when she feels sorry for Venancinha and tries to console her broken and depressed heart. She is very caring and promises to talk with her husband who works at an office in town. The self-assurance she exuded to her niece that everything would be possible was encouraging.
When she reached the office, she greeted Conrad in a respectful manner and immediately told him the reasons for her impromptu visit to the office. Conrad opened his heart and told her his part of the story openly. He accused his wife of misbehaving by accepting to dance with different men during the theater. An unconstructive scenario was caused when they quarreled overtly due to the misbehavior of his wife. Dona, being a keen and a good listener, tries to get the very cause of misunderstanding between the couples. After Conrad had finished his story, she movingly suggests a solution in the process of trying to help the marriage. She unsuccessfully tries to persuade her nephew to forgive her wife since she had witnessed her shed tears for him.
They eventually find a solution that will solve the crisis in the collapsing marriage. This shows other characters of Dona Paula of being creative and a mediator between two conflicting parties. Venancinha and her aunt went for a trip away from Conrad which was apart of their agreement to solve the problem. Dona Paula has shown positive virtues and characteristics such as kindness, caring, confidence, and her conciliatory approach in trying to save the marriage of her niece.