Long Essay Question 1 – Coursework Example

God and Morality For a long time now, the philosophy of morality has been a contentious issue. It has sparked a very hot debate especially between the theists and atheists who of course hold conflicting views about it. To the theists who believe in the existing of God, it is him who is the ultimate source of morality. This is the same view held by John Hare who believes that that it is God who is the source of human morality. He holds this belief because he believes in God’s existence. So, since God is moral, he is a perfect being. So, for Christians to be perfect they have to be moral, they must be perfect and resemble God in whose image they were created. Similar views are held by Francis Collin who refuted his earlier atheist beliefs and now acknowledges the existence of God and reverence to religion because it is the source of moral law and can make man a very comfortable and fulfilled creature on earth.
On the other hand, Peter Singer, as an atheist, refutes the Judeo-Christian ethics because he sees it as outdated and irrelevant in the contemporary society. Just like his fellow atheist OS Guinness, irrational religious belief is ugly untrue. In Singer’s opinion, God can not be the source of morality because He dictates to man through His commandments. Besides, if He held such powers, human beings would not be suffering at all. Guinness, on his part claims that humans need not to invite God into there lives since He is already there. So, they reject God as the principal source of morality.