Marketing Management Class Discussion Week12 – Coursework Example

Marketing Management discussion week12 The campaign For Real Beauty, frequently described as a manifesto campaign, is based on the thought that cosmetics products promotional campaigns are usually accused of delivering the wrong morals for women. Their approach provides a more primary attitude towards beauty. It challenges the beauty and fashion and intentionally provokes a contest on body shapes. The campaign uses more tactics in order to petition its customers, including the exercise of fear, in terms of anxieties and social fear (Scott & Cloud, 2008). The fear of damage to social image, loneliness, of being rejected, anxieties over bodily appearance etc., are constructing the emotional plea Dove employs in order to allow women, who may not feel convinced or beauty, given that they compare themselves to the models they witness in daily advertising. Since social status along with being accepted are vital to people, Dove provides a solution to its end, making them suppose that their product will help women look good, rediscover their confidence and be real.
The campaign has been a successful approach that reinforced the brand image inside its end. It cast real women that were more representatives for their customers, stating Dont control our view of real beauty. It encourages women to stand out and give up to the fears of being less beautiful than what is typically shown as beauty in existing culture (Scott & Cloud, 2008). It sustains that the models play fake and that they have unclear visions of beauty, controlling people with incorrect concepts.
Even though Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty asserts their main aim is to change women’s views on beauty, they in fact exploit a key marketing method that uses women’s insecurities to have their new product line. They feature elderly women in ads with slogans claiming “Too old to be an anti-aging ad,” yet the brand promotes anti-aging products, they make a paradox with customers (Scott & Cloud, 2008).
Scott, J., & Cloud, N. E. (2008). Reaffirming the Ideal: A Focus Group Analysis of the Campaign for Real Beauty. doi:10.1353/asr.0.0012