Marketing Plan B Targeting Customers – Coursework Example

Marketing Plan for Pet Spray 0 Executive Summary Pet Spray is a company devoted to promoting animal welfare and protection to owners and users. With the spray, harmful attacks of aggressive animals are avoided and allow people to continue with their work without being attacked by aggressive dogs. The product will be marketed in Colorado Springs during initial year. Colorado is reportedly the friendliest city for dogs. (Ripper, T and Malone R. 2007).
1.2 Vision/mission – A safe place for both animals and people. To provide people with a spray shield that would protect them from aggressive animals.
1.3 Objectives – With an SRP of $15.00 per pc., to generate $659,000 sales from 10% of total population of Colorado Springs in 2015, to increase by 10% yearly
1.4 Target markets. Our target markets ideally are households with median income of $54,451, people who work with aggressive animals, kennel employees, animal control officers, delivery personnel, outdoor enthusiast, meter readers, bicyclists and anyone who comes in contact with aggressive dogs.
1.4.1 Demographic profile:
Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in Colorado, after Denver. As of 2013, Colorado Springs has a 439,886 population with total housing units of 179,607 (US Census Bureau). It has an estimated 61,000 dogs and 54,000 cats and has more than 10,000 acres of public park space, or almost a tenth of an acre for every pet. It also features seven dog parks and 113 veterinarians (Ripper, T and Malone R. 2007).
1.4.2. Psychographic profile: Americans treat their dogs as family. As shown in Pew Research conducted among 1,181 dog owners, 80% treat their pets as family, with women being more affectionate than men. 90% of dog lovers are not parent or never married. 94 % of respondents described feeling close to their pets, others are distant(Pew Research 2010).
1.4.3 Profession: Pew Research survey shows 69% of pet owners earn $100,000 or more, 62% earns $50,000 to $99,000 and the rest belong to $30,000 and below income bracket. Middle income bracket in Colorado, Springs is $54,351.
2. Needs and requirements. Product being offered is a pet spray shield animal deterrent spray. This is an innovative formula that interrupt dog attacks by surprising and distracting the dog with a powerful citronella scent, giving someone time to escape. When sampled on trained attack dogs, Pet Spray was found to be an equally effective alternative to 10% pepper spray, with none of the harmful side effects. Pet spray is the perfect safety tool to carry to prevent dog attacks, whether you’re walking your dog, visiting the shelter or vet, or just jogging around the neighborhood.
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