Media – Coursework Example

What kind of media do you consume and enjoy more? News and /or entertainment?. Are you a new junkie ? Do you love movies? Do you watch T.V, cable or broadcast. How much time do you spend on social media or mobile phone? Which apps do you prefer?
News and entertainment are two broad line categories that often keep me occupied with regard to media usage. The news area entails the local news along with international updates and information about things that are unfolding in the world. In terms of entertainment, I largely watch the Hollywood movies and the British cinema with various specific genres of choice. I am not a new junkie and I have been following the media ever since my school times. I have been doing that out of my interest. My interest in the entertainment media grew further strong and deep with time as I reached college years.
My Cable television usage of media largely comes about in the form of sports or other news channels that provide coverage to the regional political and other informative news related to my interest.
In terms of social media and mobile usage, on average I spend two and a half hours on social media. Large amount of its usage comes in the form of interaction with friends and various other platforms. Similarly with regard to mobile phone usage, part of it comes along for phone call purposes and others for texting and using the other online connect means such as Whatsap, Viber and few other apps.
In terms of apps usage, I use few commonly used apps. These include Whatsap, viber, Skype, Google Map, dictionary and various other informative and daily usage based apps which are easily available for free download on Android app store.
Media largely impacts our thinking and our views. With all that is going on, I make my choice of selection and trusting the news that is void of any drama, spice or one sided story telling. I rather rely on news that meets the requirements of the standard journalistic norms (Couldry).
Couldry, Nick. Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice. John Wiley & Sons, 2013