Medieval Society – Coursework Example

The three e s in modern society are divided along the lines of access to mobile technology. They are the Smartphoned, the Cellphoned and the Nophoned. Like in ages past, each estate plays a vital role in fulfilling the needs of society, but only as far as they are willing to stay within the role that society determines for them.
The fewest members of society are the Smartphoned. As in the past, this group is determined largely through economics and familial relationships. The Smartphoned are the most affluent, or are related to affluent members of society. They are the givers of information at all times and in all places. If you want to know anything, you need to seek out and pay tribute to the Smartphoned. Information is always forthcoming, because that is the role they feel, but be prepared for a slice of condescension and the smug assurance that “there’s an app for that” when you seek their assistance.
The Cellphoned are the next estate. They are masters of communication via text and talk. They are stratified into guilds based on their cell phone plan and the abilities of their devices. Some of this estate can actually rival the Smartphoned in their ability to access information by contacting friends, relatives and associates. The Smartphoned however refuse to recognize this, considering the Cellphoned inherently inferior at obtaining information, but monumentally useful when they have reached the limit of their data plans.
Finally, the Nophoned exist mainly to make the Cellphoned and the Smartphoned feel superior. They can be found in large numbers in areas where people work long hours for little pay. They also can be found at the highest echelons of academia and in government. The Nophoned actually exist to preserve the institutions of brunch, literacy and social skills in society. The Smartphoned and the Cellphoned are notorious for their inability to communicate face to face, to ask directions of strangers or to converse without needing to access the internet in order to prove a point. The Nophoned exist to ensure civil society is passed on to the next generation.