Memoirs Of The Conquistador Bernal De Castillo – Coursework Example

Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernal de Castillo Introduction Bernal Díaz del Castillo admires a number of feature of the Aztecs inhis expedition. He explains that the empire had systematic organization and enjoyed immense wealth. The organization that transcended from the leadership of the empire to its subjects led to major cultural, political, artistic and intellectual achievements. The level of organization of the empire and the agriculture and commercial prowess of the Aztecs impressed him. He provides an in-depth explanation of the level of organization at the marketplace and the systematic nature of the society in the way the Aztec met and welcomed them into the empire. However, the religious beliefs of the people amaze him. He witnessed a number of human sacrifices, idolatry and cannibalism among other weird practices that convinces him that the Aztecs are heartless pagan savages.
Despite his varied opinions about the Aztecs, his admiration of the community is evident. His impression of the society was an orderly society. The Aztecs were hardworking people who had created their own unique economic, political and cultural systems. They engaged in agriculture and had large yet orderly market places. Del Castillo explains the organization of the market place and the diverse nature of wares on sale. He begins with the gold and silverware to the various agricultural products that extended to the horizons. The political organization in the community was equally systematic with the Emperor overseeing the operations of the Empire. The people lived in peace and stability. They abided by their culture despite the mundane nature of some of the practices that Del Castillo found inhumane.
Del Castillo, Bernal Diaz. The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernal de Castillo. Translated by I.I. Lockhart. London: J. Hatchard and Son, 1844. pp. 220-21, 235-38.