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Compass Group: services affiliation Compass Group: services Compass Group being in the hospitality industry focuses on improving customer relation on each strategy applied. The hotel industry requires a lot of sensitivity when handling client regardless of their class or other factors.
The customer service standard
It is a requirement by each employee to operate in regards to the set standards. The standards are based on years of excellence and evolving on the consumer handling standards. The standards are inclusive of measures such as etiquette and good reception skills that all employees should adhere to (Compass Annual Report 2011).
The customer service culture
In Compass Group, customer service is regarded as a sensitive issue and all employees are trained in reacting, attending and satisfying the customer needs. The seriousness on the issue is sensitized as the management team has zero tolerance on customer mishandling or dissatisfaction. This is part as the negative reinforcement applied in the group. Positive reinforcement includes proper wages and equipping staff with communication tools such as pen and notebooks to enhance consumer staff interaction (Compass Annual Report 2011).
How customer service is monitored
Customer service is monitored through physical inspection of the staff by mangers in the service sector. Monitors are keen on the demands on the customer and how the staffs are quick to attend to a customer (Compass Annual Report 2011). Additionally, customers are allowed to deliver feedbacks on recommendations and complained through suggestion boxes.
Evaluation of customer service
From the feedback from the customers, the consumer population is pleased with service in the group. The service standards were commendable and satisfactory (Compass Annual Report 2011). However, some customers raised an issue on the time taken by the staff to attend to them. The staff should be quick and fast to respond to customer as they step in the restaurant.
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