Middle Ages – Coursework Example

Positive Things to Learn From the Medieval Culture Positive Things to Learn From the Medieval Culture Notwithstanding the horrors of war, calamities, famine and plagues that encompass the Middle Ages, the medieval period is regarded as a significant era in the history of human society. During its course of ten centuries, the Middle Ages has produced positive influences that enhanced the rich culture of its time such as innovations in the field of art and architecture, military and technological developments, and advances intellectual thinking through philosophy.
Art and architecture in the Middle Ages started with the creation of the basilica form of religious architecture that during the 8th century and the launching of Carolingan art in Early Middle Ages. Esteemed forms of art are embodied by objects in of precious metals and even books are intricate with jewels. Stone architecture of churches and monasteries rose to popularity in the 10th century, where wall paintings, colored sculpture in high relief and columns are the main designs of any architectural structure. On the other hand, military and technological developments are first noted with the manufacture of composite bow, long swords, armors and light cavalries in the Early Middle Ages to enhance battle tactics. Useful inventions such as mechanical clocks, optical lenses, windmills and advancement of glassmaking among others were also developed. Innovations in agriculture was also established in the progress of field rotation equipment, heavy plow and horse collar that aided greatly in planting crops. Lastly, the stimulation of intellectual thinking was essentially formed during the Renaissance period, as discourses of Aristotle and other notable philosophers of his time crafted modern philosophy. Still, scholasticism, or the application of reason to faith, was widely used until the Late Middle Ages (Bauer, 2010).
Nevertheless, the rich culture and innovations in the field of arts and culture, military and technology, and philosophy created during the medieval times prove that the Middle Ages has also left positive things aside from much dismay brought by endless wars and other misfortunes. As such, this period is a significant part of history that still affects the present times.
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