MODULE 2 DISCUSSION – Coursework Example

24 February Module 2 Discussion Using treated wastewater provides additional water that helps in meeting the water demands of a population. Its usage reduces pollution to large water bodies like the oceans. Wastewater quality used in irrigation is of high quality. On the other hand, its usage may cause health issues like skin irritations. Treatment of wastewater may produce gases that are not environmental friendly. The reuse may be seasonal and limited to the dry season.
The preliminary treatment removes large inorganic waste materials and particles from the water. Next, the primary treatment where there is removal of solid organic materials in sedimentation tanks. Using natural microorganisms, suspended and dissolved materials are broken down with the product been removed. Chlorine is then used to disinfect the resulting water to do destroy pathogens. The resulting sludge is treated in sealed digester tanks to proliferate the growth of anaerobic organisms utilized in the treatment (SA Water).
Seawater may be used to tackle drought-hit areas. How is this achieved? It is achieved by using microfiltration and reverse osmosis. Seawater is readily available and all is pumping it to the treatment plant just in case it is far from the drought-hit area. Water may be accessed from underground water stores through wells. However, use of water from these sources should be regulated to prevent its exhaustion (Pall Corporation).
Water treatment has been taking place in the City of Toledo. The treatment plant is as a success by the residents and has more than 400,000 customers (City of Toledo). In the City of Chicago, water from Lake Michigan is treated for domestic use. The local population is respective to it (City of Chicago). New York City also has a wastewater treatment plant. However, the local population has raised concerns on toxic substances in the water (New York City Department of Environmental Protection).

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