Moral Theory And Gender – Coursework Example

Moral Theory and Gender There is not doubt in the fact that the duality of gender has a profound impact on every area of social life, including Ethics. That is why to a certain extent it would not be a mistake to point out that moral choices of women and men are able to affect their interpretation of morality; however, it is often true for areas that were traditionally thought to be dominated by a particular gender. For example, men are traditionally seen as warriors; so, a more aggressive, result oriented approach towards it is more preferred by the public (“Ethics Updates Home Page”, 2012).
That is why different perception of gender greatly affects the creation of a consistent moral theory for a society. The latter is often seen as a system that consists of a considerable number of units, the balance between which is largely facilitated by promoting a unified approach towards different controversial issues, namely presenting “the right actions” (Chaffee, 2005, 482). In other words, men as well as women are encouraged to retain their gender roles.
Speaking of the possibility of creating a consistent moral theory in society for women and men, one should point out that it should be able to provide a multi dimensional view on different issues and allow safe transition from different points of view. In other words, such moral theory should not employ one size fits all approach and limit an individual to a particular predetermined role, especially when it has a negative influence on one’s potential.

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