Morality Play – Coursework Example

Morality Play It was extremely interesting for me to take the test in question since I wanted to see how accurate it was. To my great delight, I saw that the results were quite accurate. Indeed, I often think about my ethical position on different issues, so in the course of my self reflection I was able to come up with a moral compass that I could test.
In other words, I was not surprised by the results in general; however, there was one question that amused me a lot. The very last one about torturing babies seemed quite one-dimensional to me, but now I see that it can tell a lot about people, but I still can not imagine that someone would answer it in a different way. However, Ethical Relativism would suggest the opposite (“Ethics Updates Home Page”, 2012). Thus, the general reaction to the test might be described as follow: at first I thought that all the questions were rather simple, yet I found some of them confusing. Indeed, finding a right action is always hard (Chaffee, 2005, 482)
Having taken the test, I might conclude that my moral position is characterized with objectivity. From my personal experience I should note that this reflects the way I perceive the world. In addition to that, I am absolutely satisfied that my moral compass is consistent: I truly believe that it would lead me forward and assist while finding the best way to help people; in other words, it would have been useless, in case if had not been stable: I would not have been able to make any decision in my entire life which would lead to terrible consequences.
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