Multiple Approaches To Job Analysis – Coursework Example

Multiple Approaches to Job Analysis I support the idea that critical incident job analysis, which is an inductive approach, is better than O*NET surveys, which is a deductive method. The critical incident method offers information regarding behaviors useful for coming up with situational judgement tests or for behavior description interviews. This also implies that critical incidents are important for cases where a recruiter is interested in job behaviors or behavior analysis. It should further be added that unlike the critical incident method, the O*NET is more focused on occupations rather than jobs, which makes the incident critical method effective for behavioral analysis. O*NET combines a wide array of data residing at multiple levels of analysis. For instance, it may also integrate data at a job, organizational or individual levels. Still, a key challenge for O*NET, which makes the incident critical method a better option, is that the wide range of data is not clear enough to allow all the levels it measures to make logic at the occupational level.
I support the notion that Heather selected an inductive method to analyze the personalities required for a job. This is since the method is useful for gathering detailed information regarding what workers do, as well as what they need to know. Obviously, the process would entail observing how they behave or in-depth analysis of their thoughts based on an interview.
I also support the idea that the critical incident method is costly and time-consuming because of the behavior analysis process. From this, an insight is developed that the critical incident technique seeks to identify key scenarios in a job that have to be addressed efficiently. The findings can then be used to create a job description or to frame the questions to be used during a situational job interview. At any rate, it should be added that the analysis has to be rooted in concrete behavior, which also requires profound care during the observational process. This is essentially so because the critical incident technique should entail recording and observing of certain effective or undesirable behaviors.