MySQL – Coursework Example

MY S.Q.L is one of the most favorite and sought after database System mechanism that incorporates number of strong programming tools. It is acronym for Sequential Query Language (Bruni & Greenhaw, 2010, p 118). It has achieved its standing and position based on number of salient features. These predominantly include the manner in which it is designed. It is highly user friendly which makes it easy for the users to use and operate.
Scalability in terms of additions and adding new patches and versions to the modification list makes up for another feature of My SQL.
Most of the Web 2.0 traffic is supported over the My S.Q.L database system and the ever expanding number of users and features is a gift of the scalability of My S.Q.L.
High performance of My S.Q.L is provided through the multiple options which includes partition within the My S.Q.L environment. The feature and possibility of using My S.Q.L in the cloud computing environment is another feature. Allowing the option of improved recovery mechanism is another added function which makes it My S.Q.L high performance enabled database system.
The fact that the entire software is an open source application, makes it one of the most important edges of the software (Sheldon & Moes, 2005 p.9). It has therefore been able to come up with so many developments on account of the open source platform that the users and builders enjoy.
Performance with regard to the demand among the users and the programming experts makes up for a reason why this software is so effective. Management in terms of the patches release, handling of the support staff and welcoming new updates and queries along with the additional material in terms of the fault correction and many more areas are few of the key domains of My. S.Q.L.
Support center and online support mechanism in terms of the trouble shooting and the support units that are available makes it possible and easier for the software to be used in a more effective way.
Relative easy availability in terms of the downloads, patches and upgraded options is another feature that adds to the My S.Q.L functions and utilities towards the clients.
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