Narrative/Storytelling – Coursework Example

GoodFellas Film Analysis Number GoodFellas Film Analysis GoodFellas is an interesting film by Martin Scorsese released in 1990 as an adaptation from Nicolas Pileggis book Wiseguy. The story is built around a criminal gang’s life of three primary figures in the 1960s and 1970s Brooklyn, New York. Notably, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) plays a local young man turned criminal in an environment full of challenges. Tommy Devito (Joe Pesci) is a natural criminal, who finds a best ally in Henry. Jimmy Conway (Robert DeNiro) brings the two gangsters together, and tasks them with some of the greatest heists in the sprawling neighborhood (Johnson, 2008).
After spending a considerable time in jail, Henry is forced to sneak his way behind the local leader of the criminal gang, Paulie Cicero (Paul Sorvino), to maintain an opulent lifestyle he has always desired (Pitman, 1991). As the story concludes, the friends find themselves boxed in by government agents and fellow gangsters, and must do anything to survive.
The story is presented chronologically from the time when Henry admits he has always preferred to be a criminal to the time when he actually becomes one. The aesthetic style enables the audience to follow the life of the main character from the time he abandons school to his life in the underworld of crime (Quart, 1991). The style enables the audience to speculate how his future life would be and whether his character development as a silent criminal would work in his favor as an individual and as a gang. By contrast, a non-linear style would create more suspense among the audience; make fore-shadowing meaningless and complicate one’s understanding of the storyline. Generally, even in its chronological aesthetic value, GoodFellas integrates some aspects of the non-linear style as evidenced in the mysteries and suspense that dot the lives of the gangsters.
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