No Child Left Behind Act – Coursework Example

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT In order to establish the logic behind the implementation of the(No child left behind [NCLB], 2002), one must consider the detail exhibited in the assessment criteria. The act was put in place to aid less disadvantaged students in the United States elementary and secondary school education. The act is rather deductive since it gives a valid reasoning behind the assessment criteria of funding schools. In reference to (Morgan and Heath, 1966),the first premise in the syllogism operates under the assumption that if a school performs poorly than expected by the state, then the school’s existence is not justifiable and the school should be evaluated and transformed in regard to thestipulations of the (NCLB, 2002).
The second premise indicates that a section of schools in a given state did not improve on their yearly performance as set by the state educational board. Therefore, in regard to the stipulations of the (NCLB, 2002), a school which did not manage to maintain its yearly performance also referred to as the adequate yearly progress (AYP) was regarded as a poorly performing school which in accordance of the set standards by the first premise, the school ought to be evaluated which would lead to an assumption that the school’s existence is not justifiable.The above arguments reiterate the fact that the considered text is deductive, since it considers two aspects with an equivalent outcome.In conclusion, in regard to the evidence in the text,the public education board has the authority to set the criteria of assessment which clearly indicates whether funding and support of schools with disadvantaged students is justifiable. Inconsistency in performance is used as the assessment criteria due to its overall indication which states whether the students in a given grade are competent enough to deserve the government funding.Does the above assertion on inconsistency justify the criteria of determining school funding?
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No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, Pub. L. No. 107-110,§115, Stat. 1425 (2002)