No Topic – Coursework Example

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business The ethical issue that needs to be addressed involves the decision of the managers and workers of AlumaArc to overlook safety and earn more money. The managers of the company claimed they allowed the employees a choice on what they wanted to do in the situation. But there was really no choice in the matter because the General Manager put those incentives in place, and any worker who did not comply risked getting fired. The moral issue here is that the well-being of individuals needs to precede the possible financial gains received through exploiting them.
Connor, one of the Company Managers realized his superiors were making a mistake by placing the health of workers at risk. He could not get himself to do the same, so he urged his subordinates to make sure they enforced all safety protocols and took the required work breaks. He made a choice to risk the wrath of the General Manager but ensure those under his authority were safe from harm as they went about their duties.
Connor could address everyone in the company on the safety issue, and make certain they understood the risks they were taking. He could also report the matter to relevant authorities and have them take the necessary action.
Utilitarianism will urge us to act in a way that generates the greatest good for a large number of people.
The principle to apply in this case is the Golden Rule of Mathew 7:12, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”. The managers of AlumaArc were not the ones bearing the risk, but stood to get most of the gain. To make a decision, they ought to ask themselves if they would like someone else to put their lives at risk for money.