Non-Profit Vs. For-Profit Organizations – Coursework Example

Organizations come into existence for two core reasons. The first is that of service delivery which is often called mission driven organization. The second reason is that of profit making. Each of these has its own defined parameters of working and circumstances. Each engages specific set of rules that are in line with the initially set goal of either profit making or service delivery. The Public relation methods and advertisement procedures undertaken by each of the organization are different. One primarily focuses on the commercial aspect on it, the second focuses on the donations, charity, awareness, and thought provoking processes which may come as a special form of advertisement (LeRoux & Feeney, 2014,p. 22).
Red Cross is an organization that is primarily based on the welfare and service delivery purposes. It broadly comes in the category of human welfare and services based organization. It does not perform the activities for the purpose of profit making rather its core functions include services, providing shelter to the homeless, providing for food for the starving people. Its main source of revenue and costs covering is donations made it to worldwide (Pynes, 2004,p 138).
Pepsi. Co in contrast is an organization that is strictly based on the purpose and objective of profit making. It makes the profit through the products being manufactured and sold in the commercial market. Pepsi. Co core values are also driven along the lines of increased profits, customers’ satisfaction. It does not rely on any form of donations or charity, rather strictly runs the machinery through profit making mechanism (Doll, 2010, p.102).
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