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Nursing Exercise 8.6 Implementing Planned Change in a Family Planning Clinic The major driving forces in this project are that it will be under the supervision of a professional nurse. Having qualified as a Hispanic RN, I am in a position of establishing and properly managing a family planning clinic. Besides, there would be adequate funds provided by the donor. The grant would be enough to run the clinic’s activities and help in recruiting nurses.
On the other hand, the restraining forces would be lack of cooperation from the local community. Evidently, the clinic would be established amongst the unemployed and crime prone people. at the same time, they do not trust any authority. These would hinder the smooth operation of the clinic.
In order to accomplish the project’s goals, professionals would be hired. They would be responsible for discharging the day to day duties of the clinic. However, since the grant would only last for 2 years, the changes would have to be refrozen in order to ensure stability and guarantee continued funding (Bessie & Huston, 2012).
Exercise 8.7
Retaining Status Quo or Implementing Change
As Kurt Lewin argues, change is a process which occurs in stages. In my position as a new manager, I would ensure that I come up with appropriate and applicable measures to ensure that I boost the morale and productivity of my staff. Since the major driving force would be that I have power to make decisions and introduce changes, I would seek to reorganize the functions of nurses in the hospital. I would motivate the nurses by rescheduling their duties (Bessie & Huston, 2012).
At the same time, I would do away with popular practice and ensure that I deploy one fixed charge nurse during every shift. This would make the work more efficient than it has been. Although it would be implemented, the major barrier would be that it might not be fully supported by everyone. Besides, it would take a longer time in order to reach the refreezing stage in which the changes would be fully implemented.
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