On A Maximum Of 2 Pages Describe And Evaluate The Management Style Of The Late Steve Jobs – Coursework Example

Management Style Of Steve Jobs Management Style Of Steve Jobs The management style that used to be followed by Steve Jobs was a to-down management style or an autocratic management style. Managers that follow this management style tend to keep decision making to them and then they pass these decisions to lower level managers and employees while expecting them to follow those decisions. Lashinsky in an article states that Apple and its member Steve Jobs are both quite brutal towards their employee and hold their employees aggressively accountable for their mistakes (Lashinsky, 2011). This statement regarding Apple clearly depicts that Steve Jobs is quite autocratic and always wants employees to perform as they are expected and informed to perform. Steve Jobs management style is closely related to the management style of a dictator who is involved in the process of making most of the important decisions and he simply expects them to be followed.
The way Steve Jobs operated and managed Apple resulted in badly damaging the organization and his own name. One of the major downside of this management style is that employees are demotivated and even angered when they are ridiculed by their managers for failing to complete a job or task as expected. Due to this anger, employees tend to leave the organization as it happened with the employees that were associated with the MobileMe project. After leaving the organization they gain relief from their anger by talking against the manager as well as the organization. These negative outcomes have been clearly indicated in the article authored by Lashinsky (Lashinsky, 2011).
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