Opening Statement – Coursework Example

Opening ment My Lord, and gentlemen of jury, this is an indictment of murder. This indictment sets forth: that Don Barkwood, on the 25th of August at the home of Anika S. Barkwood caused the wrongful death of their daughter, Tiffany Barkwood. The defendant, Mr. Barkwood vividly knew that their daughter was suffering from chronic depression for several years prior to committing suicide.
The defendant received an email from the daughter informing him that she was going to commit suicide and that she had the pills to take her life away (Bergman, Paul, Berman-Barrett & Twohy 12). Earlier on, Tiffany Barkwood had warned Mr. Barkwood not to intrude to her relationship with Mr. Wood failure in which Tiffany would commit suicide. Nevertheless, upon receiving an email from the deceased daughter at 5:25PM, Mr. Barkwood took more than three hours and thirty-two minutes and arrived at home at 8:57PM contrary to his response that he was going to be at home in the next twenty minutes.
The defendant responded nothing regarding his act of meddling with his daughter’s relationship with Mr. Woods. Virtually, the daughter felt upset since Mr. Barkwood never cared about her. In addition, the defendant did not encourage Tiffany during her drama act being a drama queen. Tiffany emailed Pat Gonzales concerning her decision to commit suicide and named Mr. Barkwood as the cause of her death. Nonetheless, Gonzales never exposed that revelation. Anika Barkwood used $15,000 to meet the expenses for burying her daughter. Furthermore, she used $4,000 in consultations done from May 9, 2014 until November 8, 2014. The report from the doctor indicates that Tiffany’s death was caused by poisonous pills which destroyed the liver.
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