Overall Overview Of My Sociology 205 Class – Coursework Example

What I learn What I learn Society depicts the co-existence of human beings in a social collection, which is a community that is governed by rules and laws on moral and ethical behavior of cultural practices. Each society has its own governing structure, which depicts the sharing of power and the methods of punishing those that do not conform to the norms. The government provides the functional body, which aims at protecting the society (NYU, 2014). Thus, the society receives governance from royal charter where individuals act based on public interest. Hence, social members participate in making laws, which aid in governing the society.
Previously, personal view on the judicial and court system was that they intended to punish people for wrong doings in unfair manner. However, such a view has changed because it is now clear that the court system and judicial process operate by the law. They act as the key institution of interpreting the law and offering guidance on how such laws need to e followed. Hence, individuals that break the law receive correction to aid them in knowing how to follow the law.
The course creates motivation for focusing on further education in the field of sociology. Such is based on the desire to comprehend the functionality of the society and issues, which may affect such functionality not to exist.
In a criminal court system, the selected position is that of a public investigator. This is because such a position will ensure that there is a clear focus on social behavior of individuals and their reactions to the stipulated laws (The Law Society, 2014). The position will also facilitate in determining how individuals interpret the social law and how they conform to such a law.
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