Phase 4 Discussion Board – Coursework Example

Phase 4 Discussion Board Social contract theory is a theory, according to which, people made a conscious choice to create a society giving a part of their rights and freedom to the government so that it could ensure security as well as well being of each individual (Skyrms, 1996, p. 25). It means that the state is responsible for taking care off the people and making sure that all their demands are satisfied. This means that such situations as inequality are incompatible with fair government as people would have never agree to live in a society that would reinforce inequality.
There is no doubt that it is absolutely not appropriate to offer wages to the disabled worker that are below the minimum level. Indeed, it is understandable that various enterprises including Goodwill operate within the market driver environment which urges them to do whatever it takes to gain competitive advantage and be successful (Lambin & D7 2007, p. 83). However, it goes against the humanitarian principles and the conventional values that are being promoted by the society.
The current treatment of the disabled workers that was depicted in the video contradicts with social contract theory in the following way: it shows the situations when the government practically exploits people with disabilities and the latter are not able to gain any bargaining power. In other words, they are forced to conclude a contract with the society that they may not be willing have, but since there is no other option, they have to accept whatever conditions they are offered.
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