Pi Day Project – Coursework Example

Teacher Jones wedding invitation on Pi day Guru Jones Pi and Rose Pi are both mathematics teachers. On pi day, March 14, this year they will celebrate their 10 years wedding anniversary (3.141592653). Coincidentally their son, Billy Jones will also be celebrating his 10th birthday. The ceremony will be held on a Sun-set ranch and the decorations will be pi themed tiles, pictures, and posters. The front area will be mounted with a big clock showing time in radians and pointing to π/2.
Some of the events invited guests are all the students who have ever been taught by them. These guests will engage in a pi contest game of memorizing the pi digits, game of reciting all formulas that have pi and give their meaning, and the game of finding any circumference and diameters of all circular objects in the compound including glass wines plates, necklaces, bracelets, wrist watches and pi pizzas .Pi will be calculated by finding the ratio of circumference to diameter. It will be amusing to see the similarities of the answers.
I have a winning formula in the pi memorizing contest. To win the game, I will recite my dad’s number 314-1592-653 followed by phone lock and pin combination (5897 and 9323 ) ,recite my mums ATM pin (8462) and lastly I will unleash my brothers high school locker combination digits(6433 83) a total of 28 digits.
Whoever wins will be given a mathematics book entitled “Sir Circumference and Dragon of Pi” (Neuschwander and Geehan 4), a π labeled shirt and a wall poster of Albert Einstein. First runners-up will get a tennis ball and a movie DVD entitled the Lord of the Rings. Additionally, Billy’s grandmother will deliver a pi bracelet to Jones that has 10 beads each with a different color representing the first 10 digits. At that instant we will be required to recite the first 10 digits of pi, recite a pi poem written by one of our classmate followed by dancing to the tune of the hit song American pie. Food will be served on pi themed plates and beverages on cups with an engraved pi symbol. Among the delicacies are oatmeal pies, chicken pie, ‘pi pizzas’ and pi cake with 10 cylindrical tiers.
As they exchange vows, a background music entitled Circle of Life will be playing. Evening pi Party will be curtain raised by fireworks display starting at 9:26:53pm on 3/14/15, outside Pie city near Sun City ranch. This is a numerical representation of the first 10 digits of pi 3.141592653. The party is then scheduled to close at exactly 3:14am and all invited guest shall leave at their own pleasure each with a bottle of moon-walker wine.
As we all prepare for the auspicious occasion, prepare for your winning formulas as you help me distribute the following invitation cards. Will you? Thank you.
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