Plagiarism – Coursework Example

PLAGIARISM GCU PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is actually the act of copying someone’s work without giving credit and passing it off as your own. The information is usually obtained from websites, articles books or any other medium.
Now a days plagiarism has become a big problem in academic work. Although it is unethical but still people do that. People prefer more to plagiarize work instead of writing their own due to which they lose the opportunity to learn which is actually the main objective of school. Excessive use of internet and computers is also a reason as in previous days it was not easy to plagiarize due to unavailability of internet but now people simply type words and steal ideas. The reason why students plagiarize work is many students are not good at writing and they feel overburdened which makes them copying ideas from available resources. They feel shy of asking help from others. Laziness is also the reason. (David 2011)
In order to avoid plagiarism, we need to focus on its causes. Most of the people do not even realize that they are plagiarizing work because of lack of knowledge. So, proper definition of plagiarism should be given to students. Always give credit to the author or the source you’re plagiarizing. You can also take an idea from internet or books and can write in your own words. There are many softwares available today for plagiarism. Use them. (David 2011)
So overall, we have learned that plagiarism is not a good thing to be practiced. It has many disadvantages which definitely are not good for us. One should try his best to avoid it as it is unethical. Always give proper citations and references to your work to minimize the chance of plagiarism.
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