Policy To Help Poverty On A Local, State, Or Federal Level – Coursework Example

A Policy on Poverty of the al Affiliation Even before the famous recession-plagued the western world, America was still struggling with poverty with a substantial number of low-income earners having difficulty making the ends meet. Policies to address poverty in America or any state demands confronting the cause of economic injustices and promoting social policies that allow equitable access and distribution of resources (Jencks, 2002).
Poverty is accelerated mostly by lack of employment. The colleges and institutions of higher learning generate a lot of grandaunts, but the economy cannot absorb all of them. Currently, there are four job seekers in every one opening. Apparently, the economy has failed to match the talents development in these institutions. The majority of the citizens lack employment or an avenue that they can put their skills to practices. This includes lack of infrastructure from the government that can be used by skilled people for gaining employment.
One policy that can be used to reduce the poverty levels is having unemployment insurance for those who do not have gainful employment (Acemoglu & Shimer, 2009). Certainly, the government has a moral obligation to help the jobless workers and their families as they search for a sustenance job. The cushion from hard economic times would enable them live a comfortable life as they search for work. It would also be structured in a way that it favors only the poor. The unemployment insurance must be structured in a way that it does not create barriers and limitations to the possible applicants. The policy should be rolled up till the economy recovers sufficiently for everyone to have access to national resources in their areas of specialization. This policy will curb the social inequity and economic injustices that have rendered the poor even poorer.
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