Positive Behavior Supports – Coursework Example

Positive behavior support due: Positive behavior supports I do agree with Robert Cymber that the PBS by Julie Hahn has positive impacts on the school. According to his views, the teachers would realize the seriousness of the PBS if there are incentives for the students who behave. He also comments on Coyne’s article that talks about the common language and logic. He is of the opinion that a new strategy can come up if the new teachers would adapt the concept of common language and logic. I tend to agree with Robert Cymber that incentives help a lot in changing and retaining positive behaviors. I am of the view that teachers would realize the school means business if they can go to the extent of rewarding students who have a change in their behaviors.
I agree with Amanda Calhoun that the PBS by Julie Hahn has positive change in both the students and the school personnel. She acknowledges the fact that change does not happen overnight. She adds the small changes are the ones that result in the noticeable change in any environment. I agree with Amanda Calhoun sentiments that change does not occur overnight. From the data collected after the implementation of PBS Ritenour M.S, the teachers did not see the essence of embracing the PBS since they thought it would fail like the previous PBS.
I disagree with Robert Cymber that the PBS is not comprehensive enough. It does talk of the difficulties encountered. Robert feels the issues should be included in the program so as to comprehend the whole thing. I disagree with Robert Cymber that the issues were not addressed. I tend to think the issues were addressed the problem is, they were addressed briefly. Julie Hahn mentioned how the teachers were reluctant at first to use the interventions. They were of the thought it would not make any impact in correcting the behaviors.
The entire factors for the universal implementation of getting PBS started are important. However, the most important part of the Ritenour M.S success was positively the reinforcement for both teachers and school staff. It helps them feel appreciated for their good deed that in turn, helps them to maintain the positive behaviors.
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