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Food Security Approaches Food security is a human being constitutional universal rights Protection and securing of people’s social, political and legal affairs against deprivation constitute human rights issues. Food security is a basic prerequisite for human wellbeing and participation in social and political discourses. Deficiency of food security therefore amounts to refutation of the indispensable entitlements of humans. Food security is a right to social entitlement because from proper nutrition, comes good health standards of living. Good health is a basic human entitlement and is stemmed on the prerequisite of good nutritional value, derived from food security. The abilities of people to live, flourish, and function properly is the society is wholly dependent on food security. Food security props up, good health, deters serious illnesses associated with inadequate food and boosts life interest’s participation. Lack of food security ultimately leads to deprived health, which leads to reduced human efficiency. Poor productivity and poor health are deterrents of full and effective contribution in financially viable and communal life features, highlighting denial of the basic entitlements to complete involvement in issues of basic rights.
According to “Who says food is a Human Right.” The Nation, n.d. 1 Dec. 2014. ., food security should not be treated as a human rights issue. Food security is not a human rights issue but rather should be handled as governance issue. The failures of administrations to appreciate the need for increasing the capacities of production of food fall under technical issues. Non-accountability of administrations to the populace is to blame for food insecurity since there is an underestimation of the needs for sufficient food. Technical issues such as governance do not constitute human rights because they are subjective to different regimes as much as they differ. The technical issues such as decisions to produce more food, can get addressed by proxy through the people’s rights of expression, urging the governments to address the issues. The rights however are limited to free expression and articulation of ideas and the implementation is a technicality that falls under the administration jurisdiction. Therefore, food security revolves around administrative and fiscal policies with the consideration of environmental implications and sustainability of the policies.
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