Practice: Rhetoric Of An Argument – Coursework Example

Practice: Rhetoric of an Argument One day, while in high school, my friend Sue asked me to accompany her to abirthday party in the neighborhood. Sue described how the party would be amazing till I saw heaven on earth. Since I needed some cash to buy a new dress and a pair of shoe to wear to the party, I tried to persuade my parents to give it to me. I lied to them that every student was asked to attend the party since we were expected to write our exam composition from the scenario. Somehow, they gave me the money, which I used for the occasion. The rhetoric I used in this argument is convincing my parents that the party was so important because the school expected every student to attend the party and thereafter we were to write an exam composition from the same. I shaped this rhetoric by bringing in the idea of school to convince my parents that it was such an important occasion. The kinds of messages I am communicating is that rhetoric tries to persuade someone (Caroll 56). They may require the person to accept a certain kind of knowledge as valid, or they may ask the individual to believe a certain way or even ask him or her to act just like my parents did and gave me the money I required (Caroll 56). It is important to understand what the rhetoric is asking you and how it is trying to persuade you and whether the persuasion fits within the context you are encountering it in (Caroll 56). All these questions will be answered by proper rhetorical analysis.
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