Pregnancy And Blended Families – Coursework Example

Pregnancy and Blended Families al Affiliation) In today’s society, individuals especially women are more interestedin pursuing their careers and professionalism therefore postponing marriage and pregnancy. In addition, these women consider becoming pregnant at the age of 35 or older (Stone, 2013). Some of the benefits of postponing pregnancy include the prior achievement of personal career goals where an individual pursues their career to the level that satisfies them then gets married or enters a relationship that is more stable. In addition, an individual becomes independent and a secure financial state. However, every pregnancy is different and according to health professionals, age has a tremendous effect on the ease of pregnancy and delivery. As people age, there is a high possibility of developing chronic diseases and there are chances of getting babies with chromosomal abnormalities. Additionally, as the maternal age raises so does the miscarriage rate as well as the infertility rate.
Some of the challenges faced by the blended families include children having a difficulty in sharing parents whereby some children may feel a reduced amount of time and attention on their side (Barnes, 2009). In addition, there may be confusion of identity as mostly the mothers name changes to the last name of the new husband while the children of the mother keep their own last names. This may make children feel abandoned. Consequently, there may be high levels of competition among children therefore causing rivalry and may even cause more fight. Blended families often have more children than nuclear families and this may cause financial difficulties, as all children’s needs should be taken care of. Lastly, it may be difficult to make decisions in regards to the step children before disciplining them it is important to consult an individual’s partner about the rules and punishment that existed in their lives before joining the new family.
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