Privacy And IT Security – Coursework Example

Privacy and Information Technology Security October 13, There has been continuous need of collecting, processing, storage and dissemination of information to people. This has mainly been achieved by use of electrical gargets and knowledge which falls under information technology. In some instances, information transferred may be confidential and its leakage to unintended audience may be risky. As a result it is necessary to protect it through various security measures. One of the areas of information technology which demonstrated significant increase in criminal activities is the internet through cyber-crimes. In order to avoid being victims of information theft, privacy is enhanced through use of appropriate information technology.
There are various ways in which criminals can steal information and use it. In most cases the main target is financial information although other details may be stolen. The most commonly methods by the criminals include phishing, spyware, identity theft and viruses. Use of antivirus and antispyware software, use of firewalls and deletion of suspicious pop-up messages play a significant role in maintaining privacy of information (Leonard, 2009).
It is evident that there has been significant increase of persons using the internet for online transactions as well as social networking. This has increased the number of persons exposed to cyber-crimes risks due to lack of sufficient information to avoid it. This has attracted attention of various persons as is evident in an article from the US National Defense in which President Obama declared the month of October as a national cyber security awareness month. The article explores the increased use of internet by Americans. The necessity of efficient infrastructure to ensure security of the users is greatly emphasized (Ewing, 2011).
In undertaking online business, point of sales which integrates the software and the hardware has been of great help. Some features of point of sale include basic configuration features such as login screen to enable grant of access to authorized persons, Item features such as group-wise item management where various details on the products are availed, operational features such as stock adjustment utility which allows efficient monitoring of stocks and various reports on stocks and revenue among others are integrated in point of sale system (Varajao & Cunha, 2010). The main inputs are the details through the keyboard which the output is the receipt for the transaction. This ensures increased efficiency during transactions.
Information security has become a necessity due to increased use of internet in the conduction of day to day activities such as transactions which usually require personal information. As a result the rise of theft of crucial information has increased which has led to coordinated efforts to eradicate it.
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