Problem Facing Chick-fil-a – Coursework Example

Chick-fil-A Problem Chick-fil-A Problem Chick-fil-A is a fast-food chain that is situated in America, and has its headquarters inAtlanta. It mostly specializes in making chicken sandwiches. Today, Chick-fil-A has grown to become a cultural icon in Southern US, and its culture is heavily influenced by the beliefs of its founder, a Southern Baptist. However, since 2012, the company has been subjected to significant public scrutiny because of the stand that it has regarding same-sex marriage (Horovitz & ODonnell, 2012).
On June 2012, Dan Cathy, the chief operating officer at Chick-fil-A, was the focus of a controversy surrounding the company based on the public comments that he made, which were opposing same-sex marriage. The controversy was followed by reports which revealed that the charitable endeavors the company embarks on involve making millions in donations to various political bodies that do not support LGBT rights. This forced LGBT rights to call for protests regarding the company, while the counter-protestors retaliated by taking their meals at the restaurant (Bomboy, 2012).
Based on the controversy that the chain created to members of the public and political organizations, it led to a firestorm on social-media and was hence regarded as guilty for interfering with people’s view on sexual orientation. The company therefore decided to provide a moderating view on the issue, and left the policy debate surrounding same-sex marriage to the political environment and the government (Bomboy, 2012).
In order to build its reputation, it is appropriate for Chick-fil-A to adopt a culture that treats every individual with respect, honor and dignity, regardless of every person’s gender, sexual orientation, belief, creed and race. This way, the company can be able to refrain from being subjected to burning social issues, which most large corporations avoid (Horovitz & ODonnell, 2012).
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