Problem Question And The Stakholders – Coursework Example

Implementation of Technology in schools with the curriculum Implementation of Technology in schools with the curriculum The key stake holders to this problem are the school head teacher and the schools’ board of governors. The stake holders are relevant because they are the ones who have the capacity to determine if technology should be implemented or not. They are the ones to give permission.
The questions that I would like stake holders to respond to is; how do they expect students to cope with the computerized modern society if they don’t implement technology in schools with the curriculum?, how will they handle the large volume of data?, How will they make the students computer competent?, how will they establish a strong connection between class room and educational institutions?. Answering these questions will enable the stake holders think and also gain curiosity of the outcome (Ho, 2014).
In order to explore this problem I need to obtain approval from the stake holders of the school.
If the educational technology is implemented in the school, there will be a strong connection between class rooms and educational institutions. Technology will enhance effective handling of students’ and general school data. This will be helpful especially if the school is thinking of Dual enrollment in schools (FLDOE, 2014). It will also familiarize students with the use of technology.
The risk that implementation of technology is the fact that it has features which might distract children from focusing on their studies like the social media. The people I would involve as participants in exploring this problem are the students, teachers and the stake holders
The possible outcomes of exploring this problem will impact the stake holders positively. This is because technology will enhance the running of the school (SREB, 2014). It will ease the handling of student’s data and information hence ensures effective operation of the school.
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