Professional Responsibility – Coursework Example

Professional Responsibility Project management is one of the difficult tasks in the world of business. However, an ethical approach facilitates activities in the entity. Information depicts that many projects across the globe have failed due to the inadequacy of professional ethics among the acting managers. Ethics entail moral principles, which influence someone’s behaviour. Research depicts that success in projects is base on the application of ethics where honesty plays its role when performing duties (Heldman, 2011). Critically, the aspect of project manager’s adherence to certain codes of ethic is crucial since such a character draws a picture, which influences the project’s fraternity. Evidently, the projects encompass many risks. For instance, an increase in stake is seconded by increase in cheating. Analytically, once the project manager adheres certain codes of ethic, such a character invite the others to commit and humble themselves for the goodness of the entity; hence, secure its future.
Evidently, there are three preferable codes of ethics, which supports the growth, and continuation of the entity. They entail integrity, which involves the establishment of a good reputation to the product, the entity, and the workforce inviting customers to benefit from such an environment. Information asserts that it is done through the adoption of the formal code of ethics, which entail innovation, principled leadership, openness, and commitment. Secondly, confidentiality is crucial in project management where the manager is supposed to protect the customers, employees and stakes privacy. Finally, respect invites the project manager to interact with the employees, stakeholders and customers observing their cultural and religious norms. The project manager should involve the governors of the states, which do not support their deal to establish an effective business relationship, which benefits every person; hence, promotes fairness and earnings.
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