Profiling – Coursework Example

PROFILING Hamilton Howard alias Albert Fish was an elderly man who specialized in cannibalizing and murdering of young children;an American serial killer. He was born in May 19, 1870 and met his demise in January 16, 1936. He was one of the most notorious serial killers in America. He was a rapist and cannibal and boasted that he “ did all the inhumane things to children in every state. He has been a key suspect to about five murders during his lifetime. He confessed to three murders and stabbing two other people. He was put on trial for the kidnap and murder of Grace Budd and later on convicted and sentenced to death by the electric chair. I selected Hamilton Howard to understand what was his motive to kill the young and vulnerable. Hamilton Howard was from Washington DC and his family has a history of mental illness. He was brought up in an orphanage and experienced cruelty and witnessed unethical behavior. In 1890, he started behaving in an awkward manner and started raping young boys. He continued to molest young children, mostly under six years of age.
Forensic psychology is a branch of psychology that shows a close interaction between the judicial system and psychology. It entails understanding the fundamental legal issues with regard to evidence as an expert witness and the area of concern to be able to obtain justice. Forensic psychology will help in this case as it will help understand why Hamilton Howard committed these murders and if he could have been put behind bars after the first murder. The most helpful trends in forensic psychology that were helpful in this case were sanity evaluations and sentence mitigation. Criminal profiling is designed to get information with regards to a crime by using crime scene analysis, such a DNA analysis and investigative psychology to determine whether or not somebody has committed a crime, thus it is considered as a crime. The similarities with what I have read and the way they are portrayed in the movie is that most are males, their relatives have psychiatric history and the tend to have a high IQ. The difference between the two is that every serial killer has different targets and different motives. Additionally, some serial killers can never be caught.
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