Project Planning And Control – Coursework Example

Recommendations As d above, ‘Changing Room’ app is intended to help the s and suppliers ofclothes in a massive way. However, for this to be functional, the following should be taken into consideration:
• There will be a need for both suppliers and customers to be taught on how to use the app in order to get the intended service. This should be included in the features of the app. They should be simple to follow for all parties.
• The app will as well include instructions on how and from which directions a customer will be required to take his ‘selfies’. This will depend on the kind of clothe a customer intends to buy.
• There is the need for supplier’s policies to be reviewed. This is because it will be necessary for customers to give suppliers enough time for them to analyze customers’ information based on their images. This will help in choosing the right clothes for the customers. It will also reduce the rate of returns of products back to the suppliers.
• It will be necessary for the suppliers to understand the list of items that they have and if they are compatible with the ‘Changing Room’ app. It will help in ensuring that customers are not subjected to the process of taking their images, yet the items they want are not available or integrated with the system.
• Finally, there will be the need for continuous monitoring and evaluation process (Rewky 2013). Since this is a new application, the parties concerned and more so, the developers, will be required to monitor the system in order to see if it is solving the problem or not, and whether there are corrections to be made. It will also ensure a sustainability of the project.
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