Proposal – Coursework Example

Proposal PROPOSAL Request for Proposal no.98-078 is the most suitable copy of the proposal. The document has been well outlined according to the required standards. Any RFP document must contain the service that the business entity desires to provide. In the particular document, the activity that is going to be undertaken is the construction of a carnival for an interstate fair (County of Spokane, 1998).
The terms and conditions of the RFP provide all the legalities that should be adhered to by all parties to avoid instances where aggrieved parties file legal suits. It creates an ample time for all parties to be involved in the project (County of Spokane, 1998).
Important dates should be marked in any RFP. In the RFP, all the important dates have been outlined so that those who participate in the tendering process may be aware when the activity is expected to be completed. Projects that go beyond the set dates leads to cost overruns. The overruns can be translated into unnecessary expenses to an organization (County of Spokane, 1998).
Conducting of an interview process ensures that the process is free and fair to all applicants. In addition, it makes the process to become more competitive since all candidates have to be scrutinized thoroughly. Also, the participation of a selection committee in the selection process ensures that those who go through the interview process are vetted to establish their qualifications (County of Spokane, 1998).
Finally, the mode of submitting the Request for Proposals is very secure to all applicants. The use of opaque materials for packaging ensures that those responsible for awarding the tender do not know the identity of the applicant. It ensures that there is fairness to all parties that taken part in the process (County of Spokane, 1998).
County of Spokane .Spokane County Purchasing Department: Request for Proposal,(1998).