Psychology Threw Film – Coursework Example

Psychology Threw Film School Affiliation Psychology Threw Film Original of the film: Jungle Flip Start actors: Huntington Kabaka
Rosena Achapa
Movie trailer
The movie Jungle Flip follows through the story of a young teenager (Huntington Kabaka) who has a great passion in skating and sees himself once in Olympics. The mother (Rosena Achapa) who coaches Under 21 national football team perceives this as a good opportunity for her son to excel in the Olympics Skating Competition. However, the father (Andrea Banda) who is a neurologist is highly against his son’s thirst for the sport terming it as a treacherous activity. He presents a number of arguments such as accidental chances and the state of infrastructures in their city, which is reasonably questionable. Huntington wakes every early in the morning to undertake a training session in poor roads also used by drivers. Rosena is very strict on her son’s trainings and is ever ready to remind him every single day he wanted to fail the session. As the father drives every morning to work he passes his son skating speedily behind vehicles and whenever he sees their vehicles number plate he dodges off the scene to avoid their physical confrontation. Statistically, the city has the highest mortality rate associated with road accidents. Huntington’s parents disagree continually over their sons passion after which they divorce. Andrea requests for transfer to a different city living the family financially crippled. Afterwards, Huntington is left to use cheap skating board, which is more dangerous for training. Four years down the line, Andrea is invited to deliver a gift hamper to the national skating Olympics top three and is shocked; he collapses after seeing his son is amongst the winners. Watch Jungle Flip Movie and learn how ambitious Huntington unbelievably achieves an impossible success alongside his mother’s support.