Qualitative Thematic Analysis – Coursework Example

Thematic Analysis Thematic Analysis The method used in analyzing data found when studying the Lived Experience of Homeless Women with Preschool Children Living in a Temporary Shelter was thematic analysis. For the researcher to find valid and accurate information about the experiences of these homeless women there was need to conduct a quantities study using the appropriate instruments, then use the thematic analysis to analyze all the gathered data before coming up with findings.
While conducting the analysis, the researcher ensured that all the outlined procedures were adequately complied with. After conceptualizing the research question, the researcher began by familiarizing herself with the available data. This was done by thoroughly reading and comprehending every bit of it. Then, the researcher went ahead to code the data. Here, all the themes were to be identified as they featured during the study. It was necessary to do this because it would help in identifying the trend realized in the data collected. From this point, the researcher went ahead to develop the themes. The identification of the themes was necessary because it helped in sieving them to identify the most dominant of them all.
By following the above procedure, the researcher managed to analyze accurate set of data which accurately represent the voices of homeless women with school going children. Everything was properly done by carrying out an objective and inductive thematic analysis. Thus, it became easier for the researcher to know the feelings of these women and have an idea of the reasons why they feel that such a condition renders them inferior people who need to be dependent on others to survive.