Quality And Safety Reports For The IOM Website, Workplace Safety – Coursework Example

Workplace Safety Affiliation Workplace safety Task According to Institute of Medicine, a basic framework constitutes the delivery of healthcare administered to the patients. There exist various aspects of care that the health care systems should adopt for the sake of care that is timely, safe, effective, efficient, timely, and equity. According to the report, essential quality care is based on continuous healing relationship, directed to the specific patients’ needs and values and bases on evidence. Responsibility, accountability priority care needs, should be the epitome of the care provision. In addition to that, there is multi sectorial and interdisciplinary approach to health care provision. The framework is very applicable to nursing in that the care provided is continuous. In addition, priority care is given to patients who are in the emergency department. The department can utilize the system of care through development of a system whereby there is division of work according to the needs of the patients. The skilled staffs are placed in areas that need critical attention for provision of quality care. The quality of care is hence continuous (www.iom.edu).
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American Nursing Association does campaign for the safety of both the nurses and the patients in the Emergency Department. The core goal is to ensure that there is to campaign for the quality care of the patient while at the same time ensuring that the staff is safe. The health care practices should not harm the public at large. It also focuses in the aspects of needle stick injuries, where the staff should follow a certain process in post exposure prophylaxis. There is an Act that dictating the right process to be followed on the aspects of compensation in case of injury in the line of duty. All that is meant to ensure both the care provider and the client are safe during the health care provision process. At the Emergency Department, the nursing care is always administered with intense haste to save lives. Incorporation of the Needle stick act and clear compensation process will ensure that the stall welfare issues are well catered. The guidelines and immediate actions at such times will ensure there is safety of both the staffs and the clients as the immediate safe actions are followed (http://www.nursingworld.org/mainmenucategories/workplacesafety)
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