Quality Models – Coursework Example

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF STANDARDS International Organization for Standard (ISO) is a set of Quality Management Systems which have been createdand monitored by a Non Government Organization (NGO). As the name suggests, ISO was created to monitor Quality Control Points and Processes within organizations worldwide. ISO operates by planning closely with other regulatory bodies and the target organizations themselves in implementing and imposing standardization.
ISO mandates that standards must be implemented within an organization for there to be efficiency. However, it also stipulates that each organization must determine which section applies to them and therefore what should be the factors which are critical to their sector. ISO certification is not a compulsory requirement for any organization, however it has been observed that an organization in which ISO standards are stringently enforced there is significant improvement in efficiency and performance.
These principles operate by empowering departments to assess the performance of the other departments within the organization. Therefore, each department is trained to carry out the specifications of the standards within their department as well as for the department for which they have been assigned. An auditing team is then selected from the heads of the departments and senior management personnel who would randomly carry out assessment for compliance. It therefore means there is an ongoing auditing system which acts as a check and balance as well as it ensures that the organization is compliant with the principles outlined.
An additional measure of ensuring that the desired results are being achieved is by the organization allowing for an external company such as potential patients who are interested or a certification body to carry out an audit on the facility. This approach allows for continued improvement of the organization’s performance by addressing the needs of all the interested parties. ISO does not replace any other Management System but rather compliments.

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