Racism Article – Coursework Example

Full Racism and Fashion Racism comes in many forms and faces. It could be shown through one’s actions or words. In the article about Dolce and Gabbana fashion (Wilson), black figurines made as earrings, clothes with black images of women and other fashion wears reflecting the African heritage are highlighted. It is argued that these are racist by nature because they seem to project the images in the fashion wears in a belittling manner just as the Africans have been treated for many years. It is known that Africans were formerly made as slaves by most white or fairer skinned people and this issue is being brought out again with the fashion Dolce and Gabbana made. Personally, I consider it as a form of racism because first and foremost, in contrast to what is claimed that the fashion is historical, then it should be appropriate to have a ‘black’ model use the items. Although there are other races represented by the models, it is obvious that there is no ‘black’ model. This somehow brings about the realization that the ‘Blacks’ are represented by the clothes and other items then. Moreover, looking at the white models wearing clothes with the images of ‘Black’ women seems to communicate to other people that the wearer owns the black woman just like how she owns the clothes. On a parallel analysis, the fashion statement then speaks about “Blacks’ being perceived as slaves. Indirectly, the message is loud and clear, that even in this modern age when African Americans thought they have already gained freedom and equality after centuries of being enslaved, they are still enduring the stigma that fairer-skinned people marked on their skin. If it is about history appreciation that Dolce and Gabbana really created their fashion, then they should make the right people wear their creations.
Wilson, Julee. Dolce and Gabbana Black Figurine Earrings and Dress, Are They Racist? The Huffington Post. September, 2012. Web. January 29, 2013. .