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Management and leadership While John Kotter defines leadership and management as two separate roles in an organization, successful organizations require a fusion of the two roles undertaken by a single individual effectively. Managers play the leadership role in organization. They enjoy the authority of a leader coupled with adequate resources, which they must manage effectively to enhance the profitability of the organization. Managers plan for the effective utilization of all the resources in an organization. Leadership, on the other hand, influences the behavior of the human resource in the organization. As such, managers must possess effective professional skills coupled with appropriate leadership skills since the human resource is always the most important resource in any organization. Managers make decisions that influence the daily operations of a company. Such are vital decisions that require effective implementation. The implementation of the decisions requires operative management and leadership of the human resource in the organization.
Changes are always unavoidable in organizations; they help restructure and reposition a company thereby enhancing both its profitability and longevity. Changes in an organization require effective management as well. Kotter argues that leaders prepare employees for the changes and help the employees cope with the problems arising from such changes (Kotter 2). While the argument is factual, changes require effective planning, organization and anticipation of problems all of which are primary roles of a manager. This implies that a manager in an organization must play the role of a leader and help the employees cope with the problems. With effective planning, a manger anticipates specific problems during a change in the organization and, therefore, advises the employees appropriately. This enhances the success of the manager since besides managing the organization, he or she shows desirable leadership to the rest of the employees who will respect and love him thereby enhancing the success of the organization.
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