Reflections On Health-Care Policy - Journal - Week 4 – Coursework Example

Reflections on Health-Care Policy - Journal - Week 4 Reflections I have always believed that our health care system was both ineffective and unreliable. I found most health facilities understaffed with the number of patients especially from poor income families outnumbering the medical practitioners in most public health facilities. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was therefore a fundamental legislation that sought to change my viewpoint and those of many others who shared my thoughts and experiences. I believe the new policy has the ability to change our health care system by improving the quality and efficiency of the services besides safeguarding the public’s need to access high quality health care irrespective of their financial status (Barr, 2011). I believe that the policy has the ability to revolutionize the health care system thereby making it more efficient.
Among the basic changes the policy promises is to increase affordability of health care services both in public and private institutions by making it mandatory for the citizens to have health insurance. With health insurance, the citizens can afford any service irrespective of their complexity in either public or private health facilities. Additionally, the policy strives to improve the working condition of the health practitioners. The health policy will staff and improve the equipment in public facilities (CCH, 2010). This way, the populace will have enjoy high quality services at cheaper costs. Prior to this week’s readings, I believed that the health care system in the country was failing. This has since changed given the unique provisions of the new act. The policy has changed my perspective making me believe that the country is about to have a perfect health care system, one that cares for low income families thereby improving the quality of life in the country (United States, 2011).
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