Reflective Essay – Coursework Example

The Feedback Loops The Feedback Loops Q1. The Feedback Loops (FL) are the comments from the s on the service given delivered by business. Negative feedback loops help identify a weak spot in his employees, and he can use that as a means of counseling them. Negative Feedback Loop will enable the employees to build a better rapport with the customers for future service delivery. FL allows the business to access customer’s mind hence tailor products that meet their customer’s needs. FL enables the company to incorporate the client’s ideas on how they wish to be served better (Hogan, Lakhani & Marti, 2008). Positive feedback loops help business identifies its strength and maintain and modify such attributes. Feedback loops help identify the failure or power source in organizational departments to design immediate counteractive measure.
The feedback loops should strategically be placed on the manager’s desk such that when he opens the work on the following day he can go through them before he does any other thing. Such a place is important because there could be urgent control that may need to be taken otherwise can be detrimental to the organization (Rud, 2009). Another possible area is at the respective departments from where problem emanates. Such locations will be effective in reducing the bureaucracy in taking immediate and proper care (Gottschalk, 2007). Moreover, the department will also deal with the problem with absolute specialty. Additionally, feedback loops can also be placed on the notice board that is only accessible by the employees so that they can know the problems the customers are undergoing.
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