Research Methods For Business And Management – Coursework Example

Self-evaluation response By Presented to Self-evaluation response
Taking notes is a skill that needs to be upgraded and improved because it is the worst according to personal evaluation. In fact, it is my main challenge in the learning process. Despite being the main challenge, it is an integral part in listening and learning in a class or lecture room. Much care and dedication will be needed in order to achieve success in improving the skill. The major challenge with the skill is loss of concentration in class. Prolonged listening leads to loss of concentration due to mind shift and interest loss. In order to improve my learning and note-taking change in behavior and learning about note-taking is essential in the process to ensure success in the lecture room. Consequently, increased attentiveness will ensure faster note taking and identification of the main point in the lectures. Training on note-taking is required urgently which ensures improvement on the areas of concern.
From the evaluation, it is evident that making notes from the reading is not affected compared to making notes from lectures. The problem could be on the listening skills because making notes during lectures require listening while from reading requires understanding of the article and analysis. Therefore, from the evaluation, the major challenge may be on the lecture environment due to engagement of the group or lack of confidence in stating personal opinion on issues presented during the lectures. Improvement is needed in note taking to ensure both making notes from lectures and readings are effective and successful (Studzinski, 2011). All the other areas in the self-evaluation indicate success and need minimal improvement to achieve excellence. In conclusion, note taking during lectures is the weakest point, but can be improved sufficiently.
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