Research Question And Library Exercise – Coursework Example

RESEARCH QUESTION AND LIBRARY EXERCISE Research Question and Library Exercise This paper derives a research question from the topic, Arab spring. The research question refers to why Algeria did not fall after the Arab Spring that brought down authoritarian regimes despite being in the Middle East.
The Arab spring related to the simultaneous armed rebellions, protests, and demonstrations against the authoritarian rule that spread across the Middle East in 2010-2011. Most North African nations like Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria were prone to the effects of the revolutionary wave that brought down many regimes (Abdelbaki 2013, 189). Just like other Arab nations, Algeria has a long history of authoritarian rule. However, the Algerian government experienced insignificant unrest and remained stable after the Arab spring. Many scholars have researched and derived fundamental conclusions relating to the Arab spring. However, few scholars discuss the unique results of the Arab spring in Algeria that was equally prone to the effects of this revolutionary wave.
In carrying out the research, I will rely on a research method that will include analyzing peer-reviewed journal articles and authoritative newspaper articles that address the research topic in details. In determining the relevance of the derived information, I will consider the credibility of the author and the article as well as the time of publishing the information. The search terms in this context will include Algeria, Arab Spring, Algeria revolution, political power, and Algerian regime.
Below are pertinent articles to the Arab Spring.
Algeria: revolution, army, and political power (Zeraoui 2012, 133-145)
Algerias path to reform: authentic change? (Zoubir and Ahmed 2012, 66-83)
Abdelbaki, Hisham H. 2013. The Arab spring: Do we need a new theory? Modern Economy 4, no. 3: 187-196.
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