Respond To Posts: Overcoming Issues In Survey Research – Coursework Example

Overcoming Issues in Survey Research Overcoming issues in survey research Survey research is primary in data collection. Product andservice providers use the data to evaluate their clients’ needs and to adjust to the requirements that best suit the clients. There, however, exist a number of challenges in the collection of the right information. Before embarking on the survey research, one must make a decision. How will the target respondents be identified? How will the respondents be contacted? How will the questions be formulated to get a specific response from the respondents? These questions provide the basis for the decision-making procedure.
My colleagues Charles and Rob researched on the possible challenges and the suggested solutions. Charles pointed out two challenges including formulating the question to demand a concise response from the examinee and the method of data collection. From a different perspective, Rob pointed out that survey researches are of many different kinds. He added on the technicality of formatting the questionnaires. To add to my colleague’s findings, interviewers also find it complicated to ask sensitive questions about respondent’s income or sexual behavior. Non-responsive respondents are also a significant challenge in data collection (Bethlehem, 2009).
I agree with my colleague’s findings and suggestions. Charles suggests that a reviewing of previously administered questions to get an insight of the kinds of questions asked. He further suggests consulting a team of qualified personnel to assist in drafting the questions. Rob stresses on the evaluation of the appropriate methodology. He says that borrowing from previous research can also help in solving these challenges. I suggest that the questions should be formulated in a progressive manner, such that one question leads to the next. People should address issues on sensitive questions by asking indirect questions like the range of an individuals income instead of the exact figure earned.
Bethlehem, J. G. (2009). Applied survey methods: A statistical perspective. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.