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Benefits of Nuclear Weapon Response The of the article “Benefits of Nuclear Weapons” asserts that the nuclear weapons give nations political powers, negotiation powers, pride, and ability to avert wars. Focusing on the political power, the writer firmly quotes “A country that owns nuclear weapons is feared and respected in the international circuit”. The writer is right to argue that the nations that possess nuclear weapons pose fear to the countries, which do not have the firearms. The nuclear weapons enable nations to enjoy security because no country thinks of waging war on them. In fact, nations should possess the nuclear weapons for two reasons: Firearms make the nations secure and can countries are increasingly having the weapons. Concerning the safety of the nations, the nuclear weapons can prevent any aggressive attack; countries utilize them to avert wars, and most countries that have the firearms are secure. Depicting the significance of the possession of the nuclear weapons, the chart “The Nuclear Club” shows Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, and Belgium have nuclear energy and weapons. Therefore, the nations have the nuclear reactors for the production of power and weapons to protect their citizens. For example, the nations with the nuclear weapons can avert any war. In addition to the safety, some nations already have nuclear weapons and others are planning to acquire them. The developed and developing nations seek to have the nuclear plants and firearms. In fact, the chart “Number of Nuclear Weapons by Country” indicates that the United States and United Kingdom have 8500 and 11000 nuclear firearms respectively. Similarly, the chart “The Nuclear Club” indicates that nations such as Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, North Korea, and Egypt plan to set nuclear plants in the future. The nations that will not have the nuclear weapons might be insecure. For example, the countries without nuclear firearms might be prime targets of the terrorist attacks. Thus, nations possess the nuclear weapons for political power. The writer of the article is accurate: Nuclear weapons protect nations from attacks and many nations possess the firearms for political power.
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